Powerful Training Management @ Affordable Price

Save Time & Effort !

Why waste Time and Effort on starting from scratch ? Deploy our Ready system to Quickly get in control of your Essential Processes like Bookings, Course Planning & Finances.

Easy to Use !

An intuitive User Interface design has enabled a large number of users in efficiently utilising the system with minimal training. Of course, we keep enhancing the UI as we go along!

Proven System !

Running for over 18 months and Handling over 15,000 candidates and 1,500 courses annually at a single Institute, our Training Management System has more than proven itself to be Stable, Flexible and Secure.

Enhance Productivity !

The Training Management System brings built in recommended processes that have helped our clients achieve improved Performance, Productivity and Revenue while eliminating Redundant Processes, Effort & Errors.

Two Deployment Options !

Choose Cloud deployment to save on Infrastructure & Hardware Costs and pay a small cost per Candidate.
Choose on Site deployment where Infrastructure & Hardware already exist.

Take only what you Want!

Built on solid Open Source Frameworks, the system is designed to be Modular & Flexible.
So, Mix and Match to your heart's content and choose Modules based on your requirement. You can always add more later.

  • Daily status Dashboard
  • Courses - Auto Planning, Booking & Quotas
  • Finance - Cashier, Accounts, Auto Invoicing, Tracking Credits / Debits
  • Training Schedule, Course Program & Instructor Loading
  • Training Execution - Candidate Registration, Medicals and Certification
  • Employee Management - Duty, Leave & Attendance
  • Analyse Bookings, Quotas, Courses and Revenue
  • Shared Calendaring and Tasks
  • Catering

Contact info@varunisystems.com for further Information and Pricing details.

The Training Management System is a High Performance, Modular ERP system designed for Training Institutes. The system incorporates best practices for Transaction traceability and provides security as well as transparency for optimal functioning. In addition, custom development for specific features can also be undertaken.