Products - Knowledge Management - the Way it should be !

Integrated Groupware !

Allot every data to a Group. Allot every user to a Group. In any combination - for any data type.

Powerful Calendaring and Tasks !

Use a calendar that syncs to Email clients and Mobiles. Hierarchial Tasks that work like those in real life.

Document Management !

Create and Manage documents of all types. With a super fast Search engine to boot!

Project Management with Mind Maps !

Manage Projects with a Dashboard, Agile Sprints and Milestones. Add mind maps for an Explosive Boost !

Total Standards Compliance !

Built on Open Source Software for total Standards compliance. Migrate your data in and out as you like with no limitations.

  • All encompassing Groupware for Sharing & Collaboration.
  • Project Status Summary.
  • Group Shared Calendaring and Hierarchial Tasks.
  • Create Documants, Spreadsheets and Mindmaps with support for Open Document Format (ODF).
  • Super fast Search Engine for Documents.

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